Her behavior was so weird it made me start a blog

So, I had a very interesting internet interaction today.  A while back I friended someone I knew back in high school and his fiancee because I met them at my high school 10 year reunion and we all seemed to hit it off.  Well, said fiancee posted this article earlier today:

College Freshman, Outed as Casting Couch Porn Actress, Commits Suicide

It’s a very tragic story and yet another example of why the internet can be such a dangerous place.  In addition to the link, she posted:


A tragic story to be sure, but I disagreed with her assertion that

“Anyone who claims they would not “date a pornstar” or a “stripper” yet participates in these activities is fucking scum.”
So I posted what I thought was a calm, reasonable response.  Her reply was swift and vengeful:


It sure did Ron, it sure did.

So yeah, that was weird, but it was what she said next that made it priceless.


I don’t think they realize I can still see what they’re typing, lol


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